Gruppo02_2[1]This year is a truly exceptional winter. Conditions all along the entire 42 km trail could not be better!


Reduced early bird fees up until 31.01.2018

Participants from 26 countries have so far signed up. Take advantage of the reduced early bird fees up until 31.01.2018.


Pasta party:

On Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm, the marquee tent will be hosting the much-loved Pasta Party with live music. Euroloppet Pass holders receive a free meal and a drink.  (Please present your EL-Pass)


The Mini-Gsieser is still very much in vogue. This special high point for adolescents from the age of 8 to 16 takes place on Saturday 17 February 2018 at 3,50 pm. In the past 24 years more than 4,900 adolescents have enjoyed the style of this special event in a class of its own. You can register here.



If you were to line up all of the apple strudel to be consumed with the Gsieser 5-star menu, it would be 250 metres in length!! But that‘s not all: at the seven catering outlets and for lunch there will be served 150 kg of citrus fruits, 200 kg of bananas, 120 kg of dried fruit, 8,000 servings of grape sugar, 4,000 portions of isotonic drinks, 1,000 litres of vegetable broth, 8,000 servings of fruit tea, 3,000 Marlene apples and a total of 350 kg of pork fillet.

loipeCountless cross-country fans can now enjoy 20 km of trails in a combination of natural and artificial snow, groomed to our customary perfect condition. Check our website every day for more information on additional new kilometres of trails.



Catering: 7 catering points are open to participants along the trails, and the celebrated “5-star menu” awaits you at the finish line.


Pasta party:  On Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm, the marquee tent will be hosting the much-loved Pasta Party with live music. Euroloppet Pass holders receive a free meal and a drink.


Age-group awards ceremony. The overall classifications awards will be followed by the traditional age-group award ceremony. See further details. 


Facebook: the Gsiesertal Lauf is now too present on social media. Join us via Facebook and win one of 10 free starting places. Just go to www.facebook.com/Gsiesertallauf.GranFondoValCasies and click on “Like”.


Christmas is coming and with it the stress of finding the right gift! One unusual gift idea: a registration for the Gsiesertal Lauf Race, something that is by no means just for experts. Beginners to cross-country skiing can also enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of the Gsiesertal Lauf Race in the stress-free “Just for Fun” group, with no timing or placings

4 news34 years of the Gsiesertal Lauf without interruption represents a unique record. And as the 35th edition is definitely going ahead in February 2018, artificial snow production will start at the beginning of November so we can open the first cross-country ski trails around 10 December.


30 or 42 km CT on Saturday 17th February, and the same distances on Sunday for the FT race.  While the more ambitious athletes will be putting themselves to the test on the 42km route, the 30km variant is all on the flat and is manageable even for skiers who are out of training or a little older. Competitors can also opt to see how they feel and choose their distance during the race itself.


Newcomers to cross-country skiing can sign up for the “Just for Fun” group and race the distance at a leisurely pace with no timekeeping. The recommended distance is 30 km for classic and freestyle techniques.


The TeamRun90km, raced as part of the Sunday freestyle races, is an enjoyable event for groups of three friends, colleagues or members of an association (m/f). Each member of the group races 30 km of the route, and a terrific group experience is guaranteed. Naturally, each competitor will also be ranked individually in the overall classification.


Saturday afternoon will see the traditional “Mini-Gsieser” taking place, the highlight of the year for youngsters aged from 8 to 16 years.

FOTO SIEGER GLOERSEN 2017.jpgSnow guarantee: With temperatures now falling, preparations are getting underway for artificial snow production to ensure that our traditional event will be held once more.  Given that the Gsiesertal Lauf has never been cancelled ever since it was first raced back in 1984, it is the holder of a unique European record!

Entries for 2018 are pouring in thick and fast. 900 start numbers (out of a total of 2,500) have already been snapped up – Register online. Don’t miss out on registration for the “Just for fun” and “TeamRun 90km” races.

The official brochures for 2018 are also available now – Download

NEW: Online shop with a selection of Gsiesertal Lauf merchandise.

Organised tours available for the Gsieertal Lauf with the following travel agencies.

Euroloppet: become a member of Euroloppet and benefit from numerous advantages as a Euroloppet pass holder.


Online registration for the jubilee edition opens on June 1st.   Registration opens for the TeamRun 90km and the Mini-Gsieser on the same date.


The Gsiesertal Lauf has never once been cancelled since  it was first raced in 1984 – it is the only race in Europe which can boast this claim to fame.


Group registration:  Use the form provided


Getting here:   A number of travel agents  offer an all-round Gsiesertal Lauf service


Summerinfo 2017 will be available from July 1st.


We are currently working on improving a number of features of the race to make our event even more attractive. We will give you more details in good time before the race.


ONLINE registration for the 2018 anniversary race will be open from 01.06.2017.  Registration fees remain unchanged.

The “Gsiesertal-Summer-Infos” download will be available from 01.07.2017.

We wish you all a good summer!

grazieDear participants,
First of all we would like to thank you for taking part in the Gsiesertal Lauf 2017 race. There were entries from a total of 2.043 enthusiasts from 38 countries around the world.


  • The results are available here.
  • You can also get your certificate printout online.
  • Photoservice
  • Video (Youtube) available Sunday at 07 p.m.
  • Press releases
  • Online iscriptions 2018, possible after 2017, June 1
  • Your opinion is important to us!
    Classic on Saturday and Skating on Sunday (as before), or the other way round? Please help us decide!
  • Dear participants, we are always trying to improve the quality of this event. Please let us know if you have any anonymous suggestions for improvement.

We look forward to seeing you again at the 35th edition on 17 /18 of February 2018!