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ONLINE registration for the 2020 anniversary race will be open from 01.06.2019. Registration fees remain unchanged.

We wish you all a good summer.


Dear participants,
First of all we would like to thank you for taking part in the Gsiesertal Lauf 2019 race. There were entries from a total of 2.187 enthusiasts from 44 countries around the world.


  • The results are available here.
  • Photoservice
  • Video ( you Tube) available Sunday at 07 p.m.
  • Press releases
  • ONLINE ISCRIPTIONS 2020,  possible after 2019,  June 1
  • Dear participants,   we are always trying to improve the quality of this event. Please let us know if you have any anonymous suggestions for improvement

    We look forward to seeing you again at the 37th edition on 15 /16 of February 2020!

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Online registration is open until Wednesday 13.02.2019 (11.59 pm). Late registrations are available on-site from Friday to Sunday.


Gsiesertal-Kids-Run: This special highlight for young skiers from 8 to 16 years old will take place on Saturday 16th February at 3.30 pm. Register here.


Top Runners: Sergei Ustiugow RUS, Eugeny Dementiev RUS, Matti Heikkinen FIN, Riitta Liisa Roponen FIN, Brigadoi Mauro ITA, Chiara Caminada ITA, Justyna Kowalczyk POL and more…


Datasport Live: With our new app, you can let your relatives partake in your competition experience. Once the starting signal kicks off the race, you can be followed live on screen throughout the entire race. Your relatives can always keep abreast of where you are, how many kilometers you’ve covered, when you are expected to arrive at the critical points and of course, the finishing line. The data is continuously updated.


SMS Service:  Insert your handy number and your bib-number for this cost-free service > continue


Pasta party: On Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm, the marquee tent will be hosting the much-loved Pasta Party with live music. Euroloppet Pass holders receive a free meal and a drink.

Partenza[1].jpgEverything is going according to plan: Registrations have already been received from 33 nations, and the entire 42 km has been groomed to perfection. As we have already announced, the start line has been moved 400 m to the north (close to the finish line). We would like to draw your attention to the following details:


Start times:

Saturday,     16.02.19:         Start Classic        10.10 am

Sunday,        17.02.19:         Start Skating         9.00 am


RAI TV coverage:
Sunday,        17.02.19:

07,47 – 09,45    DIRECT FT (+ summary CT)
13,45 – 14,10    finisher FT pre-recorded


Finisher headband

Each participant will receive a high-quality headband, sponsored by SPORTFUL.



The Gsiesertal-KIDS-Run has been completely revamped: The starting area is new and the course tracks have been eased somewhat, to the immense benefit of younger competitors. With the inclusion the „Volksbank series“ of events, over 300 participants from 15 nations are expected.

new start area

Due to the national italian RAI live broadcast on Sunday 17th February, the starting area will be transferred 400 metres to the finish line of the St Martin stage. This new starting location thus also meets an often voiced wishes of contestants to begin the race on flat terrain. After the start line we will be making our way towards St. Magdalena, and turning off towards Welsberg after 1.5 km. These additional 3 km are offset by the cutting out of the loop in the Pichl sports area. You can find the new trail and the updated map here.


Trail:  The entire 42 km track will be open to over 2,200 participants from 15th january.


Reduced early bird fees up until 31.01.2019.

Participants from 33 countries have so far signed up. Take advantage of the reduced early bird fees up until 31.01.2019.


Gsiesertal Lauf in DORO Style
We all dream of being able to express ourselves and our own personalities. Indeed, this was how a dream was born – from the desire to create something unique for an extraordinary athlete but also for all women who love cross-country skiing and more.

The design evokes the constellations to remind us that women are always our stars, but it includes some special requests from Doro, such as the red, the color representing her spirit as a passionate fighter. All this sets a new standard of style both on and off the trails. Doro Style by Sportful. www.sportful.com/ii/xc-ski/cross-country-ski


Countless cross-country fans can now enjoy 30 km of trails. Check our website every day for more information on additional new kilometres of trails.


Live broadcast on Italian National TV: On Sunday, February 17, there will be a live broadcast lasting 2.5 hours! For this reason, the FT race will start at 09.00 am on Sunday (the CT will be held on at 10.10 am on Saturday).


Pasta party: On Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm, the marquee tent will be hosting the much-loved Pasta Party with live music. Euroloppet Pass holders receive a free meal and a drink.


Age-group awards ceremony. The overall classifications awards will be followed by the traditional age-group award ceremony. See further details. 


Facebook: the Gsiesertal Lauf is now too present on social media. Join us via Facebook and win one of 10 free starting places. Just go to www.facebook.com/Gsiesertallauf.GranFondoValCasies and click on “Like”.