33 years of the Gsiesertal Lauf without interruption represents a unique record. And as the 34th edition is definitely going ahead in February 2017, artificial snow production will start at the beginning of November so we can open the first cross-country ski trails around 10 December.

30 or 42 km CT on Saturday 18th February, and the same distances on Sunday for the FT race.  While the more ambitious athletes will be putting themselves to the test on the 42km route, the 30km variant is all on the flat and is manageable even for skiers who are out of training or a little older. Competitors can also opt to see how they feel and choose their distance during the race itself.

The “Just for Fun” group allows newcomers to cross-country skiing to enjoy the Gsiesertal Lauf with no timings or placings.

The BusinessRun 90km is a great event for three friends or teammates together. Each participant completes 30 km (CT or FT) with a wonderful group experience guaranteed, and placings also of course counting towards the overall scoring.

Saturday afternoon will see the traditional “Mini-Gsieser” taking place, the highlight of the year for youngsters aged from 8 to 16 years.

broschure_16Entries for 2017 are pouring in thick and fast. 1,000 start numbers (out of a total of 2,500) have already been snapped up – Register online

The official brochures for 2017 are also available now – Download

Just for Fun: “fun group” for newcomers to cross-country skiing – enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of a ski marathon without any stress or placings! Register here.

Organised tours available for the Gsieertal Lauf with the following travel agencies

NEW: Of great interest above all to the pros, FIS points will be awarded at the Gsiesertal Lauf 2017 for the first time.

An unbroken record: The Gsiesertal Lauf is the only event in Europe that has never once been cancelled since its debut year, back in 1984. And thanks to our unique and efficient project to ensure snow-covered tracks, 2017 looks set to uphold the tradition.

Euroloppet: become a member of Euroloppet and benefit from numerous advantages as a Euroloppet pass holder.

news-06092016 After 33 years, the Gsiesertal Lauf will be seeing a new, improved change to the route: from 2017, participants will also be passing through the sunny village of Taisten (municipality of Welsberg-Taisten). The 30 and 42 km distances will remain unchanged, as an extra loop has been cut from the route at Pichl. Find out more (track map, elevation profile) here.

Despite the hot summer days, entries are pouring in at full speed. Around 30% of the 2,500 starting numbers have already been sold to entrants from over 17 nations. Sign up here.

The brochure and programme can be downloaded from september 1st.

Euroloppet: Make the most of the numerous advantages of the Euroloppet Pass (the Euroloppet Junior Pass is also available). Find out more www.euroloppet.com

bild newsAnd with this philosophy firmly in mind, our preparations are already well underway for the 34th Gsiesertal Lauf race. At the moment we are working on a number of exciting new plans, particularly for future cross-country routes. Find out more on July 1st!


Registrations 2017:  Registrations opened on 24th February and we have already received over 400 entries.  Registration fees are unchanged from 2016.


Program 2017: The program prospectus will be available for download from 1st September 2016.

thanksDear participants,
First of all we would like to thank you for taking part in the Gsiesertal Lauf 2016 race. There were entries from a total of 2316 enthusiasts from 39 countries around the world.


We look forward to seeing you again at the 34th edition on 18/19 February 2017!

WachsempfehlungOnly available in German and Italian:

CLASSIC || Samstag, 20.02.16
Gleitzone: SWIX HF7 aufbügeln evt. optimiert mit einer Auflage Cera FC 06x
Steigzone: Grund mit VG30 und VR40 aufbügeln. Nach dem Abkühlen einige Lagen VR 40 auftragen.

Kostenloser Wachsdienst und Beratung für Classic-Lauf nur am Freitag von 14.30 bis 18 Uhr im Mehrzweckgebäude in St. Martin


SKATING || Sonntag, 21.02.16
Swix HF10X und HF07X
optimiert mit einer Auflage Cera FC078

Kostenloser Wachsdienst und Beratung am Samstag von 14.30 bis 18 Uhr und am Sonntag von 8.00 bis 9.30 Uhr im Mehrzweckgebäude in St. Martin


TECNICA CLASSICA || Sabato, 20/02/16
Zona di scorrimento: SWIX HF 7 stesa a caldo. Successivamente ricoprire con Cera FC 06x
Zona di tenuta: base di VG 30 + VR40 tirata con il ferro a caldo. Lasciate raffreddare e applicare alcuni strati di stick VR 40.

Servizio di sciolinatura gratuito e consulenza per la tecnica classica solo Venerdí dalle ore 14.30 alle 18 nell‘Edificio Multifunzionale a San Martino


SKATING || Domenica, 21/02/16
Swix HF10X e HF07X
Successivamente ottimizzare con Cera FC078

Servizio di sciolinatura gratuito: Sabato dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 18
Domenica dalle ore 8.00 alle 9.30 nell‘Edificio Multifunzionale a San Martino

nationen39 nations:
A wide variety of participants have now registered for the “Gsieser”. Alongside the traditional cross-country nations, there will also be competitors from more exotic locations such as the Bahamas, Malaysia, Mexico and Hong Kong, representing a grand total of 39 countries from all over the world 

Event APP:
Datasport doesn’t just keep your time at our event – it provides a free app too. The app means you will always have the key information about the Gsiesertal Lauf at your fingertips.

The entrance fee entitles you to the following:
start number, certificate, medal, 5 refreshment points along the trail, substantial lunch at the finish, medical assistance, waxing and equipment service, photo service (www.marathon-photos.com), with all participants entered in a prize draw for 7 MTBs.

chips are issued free of charge to participants. Chips must be returned to the organisers in the finish area after each race.
NB: participants who do not finish must also return their chips in the finish area.

Waxing tip:
the official waxing recommendation can be found on our homepage www.valcasies.com from 09 a.m. on 19 February

in case of emergency call 118

Infopoint/Finish area:
Stamping of Euroloppet passes, sale of meal vouchers to spectators, sale of merchandising products, lost property, general information.