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Applications continue to run at full speed. The trend is continuing upwards! Cross-country ski fans from 25 countries worldwide have applied so far.

 The “Just for Fun” group (those taking part in the Gsiesertal Lauf without being timed and assessed – just for pleasure!) has emerged as a success project. This is also showing an increasing number of participants compared to last year.

Top-Stars:  Ole Einar Bjoerndalen NOR,  Christian Zorzi ITA, Pietro Piller Cottrer ITA, Roland Clara ITA,  Tom Reichelt GER, Tom Steurer AUT, Jonathan Wyatt NZE

Snow conditions:  All the cross country ski run is in perfect conditions. It is covered with natural and artificial snow.

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If you look at the roll of honour of the Gsiesertal Lauf, you will find very many international top stars, beginning with the exceptionally talented Italian Maria Canins, the Italian-Russian Eugenia Bitchougova, from Lara Payrot to Magda Genuin (Italy).

Among the men many Olympic winners and world champions have won the title for the marathon distance, for example the Austro-Russian Mikhail Botwinov; the Italian Silvio Fauner, twice Olympic winner of Lillehammer; the biathlon king Ole Einar Bjorndahlen; team sprint world champion Christian “Zorro” Zorzi, or the German Tom Reichelt, winner 2008 and 2009. Also the exceptional talents and winners of the diagonal race recently introduced in 2007, such as the Norwegian Anders Aukland, Marco Cattaneo and Bruno Debertolis from Italy or the Austrian Thomas Steuerer. Even the Nordic skier of the century, the legendary Bjoern Daehlie from Norway had the honour to ski in the Gsiesertal where he gained the 7th place in 2003.

Catering: if you were to line up all of the apple strudel to be consumed with the Gsieser 4-star menu, it would be 250 metres in length!! But that‘s not all: at the five catering outlets and for lunch there will be served 150 kg of citrus fruits, 200 kg of bananas, 120 kg of dried fruit, 8,000 servings of grape sugar, 4,000 portions of isotonic drinks, 1,000 litres of vegetable broth, 8,000 servings of fruit tea, 3,000 Marlene apples and a total of 350 kg of pork fillet.

The safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators (totalling some 6,000 persons) is the main concern of the organisers. So in summer, following considerable study and thought, we prepared our own emergency plan. It involves the following: the official emergency doctor, Dr Wolfgang Luns, the White Cross (ambulances), the helicopter team of the financial police, the Hochpustertal mountain rescue service and the three voluntary fire brigades of the Gsieser valley.

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