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Dear participants,
First of all we would like to thank you for taking part in the Gsiesertal Lauf 2015 race. There were entries from a total of 1950 enthusiasts from 38 countries around the world.

  • The results are available here.
  • You can also get your certificate printout online.
  • Photoservice
  • Video (Youtube) available monday, February 16th,  07 p.m.
  • Press releases
  • Gsiesertal Lauf  on TV: Wednesday, 18 february  from  9  p.m.  on  RAI Sport 2 (60 min.)
  • Dear participants, we are always trying to improve the quality of this event. Please let us knowif you have any anonymous suggestions for improvement.
  • Please finally let us know your opinion with “Rate the Race

We look forward to seeing you again at the 33th edition on 20/21 February 2016!

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Only available in German and Italian

CLASSIC Samstag, 14.02.15
: SWIX HF8 BW oder LF8, evt. optimiert mit einer Auflage Cera FC 08.
Steigzone: Grund mit Klister KX35 + VR 45 aufbügeln. Nach dem Abkühlen einige Lagen VR 45 oder VX 43 auftragen und mit dem Kork verreiben.

Kostenloser Wachsdienst und Beratung für Classic-Lauf nur am Freitag von 14.30 bis 18 Uhr im Mehrzweckgebäude in St. Martin

SKATING Sonntag, 15.02.15
Swix HF08 BW oder LF 8 – optimiert mit einer Auflage Cera FC08.

Kostenloser Wachsdienst und Beratung am Samstag von 14.30 bis 18 Uhr und am Sonntag von 8.00 bis 9.30 Uhr im Mehrzweckgebäude in St. Martin


Tecnica Classica Sabato, 14/02/15
Zona di scorrimento
: SWIX HF 8 BW oppure LF8 stesa a caldo. Successivamente ricoprire con Cera FC 08 in polvere.
Zona di tenuta: base Klister KX35 +VR 45 tirata con il ferro a caldo. Lasciate raffreddare e applicare alcuni strati di stick VR 45 o VX43 tirata con il tappo.

Servizio di sciolinatura gratuito e consulenza per la tecnica classica solo Venerdí dalle ore 14.30 alle 18 nell‘Edificio Multifunzionale a San Martino

Skating Domenica, 15/02/15
Swix HF08 BW oppure LF 8 – Successivamente ottimizzare con Cera FC08.

Servizio di sciolinatura gratuito: Sabato dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 18.00  – Domenica dalle ore 8.00 alle 9.30 nell‘Edificio Multifunzionale a San Martino

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11.02.15 – 37 nations registered! – Last news


A wide variety of participants have now registered for the “Gsieser”. Alongside the traditional cross-country nations, there will also be competitors from more exotic locations such as the Bahamas, Malaysia, Mexico and Hong Kong, representing a grand total of 37 countries from all over the world

Event APP :

Datasport doesn’t just keep your time at our event – it provides a free app too. The app means you will always have the key information about the Gsiesertal Lauf at your fingertips.

 The entrance fee entitles you to the following:

start number, certificate, medal, 5 refreshment points along the trail, substantial lunch at the finish, medical assistance, waxing and equipment service, photo service (http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/home.py?lang=en_NZ), with all participants entered in a prize draw for 7 MTBs.


chips are issued free of charge to participants. Chips must be returned to the organisers in the finish area after each race.

NB: participants who do not finish must also return their chips in the finish area.

Waxing tip:

the official waxing recommendation can be found on our homepage www.valcasies.com from 09 a.m. on 13 February.


in case of emergency call 118

Infopoint/Finish area:

Stamping of Euroloppet passes, sale of meal vouchers to spectators, sale of merchandising products, lost property, general information.

Events programme:

Saturday, february 14th

05 p.m. “Enzianbuam” in concert 06  p.m. tasting typical products from Gsiesertal 09  p.m. Party night

Sunday,  february 15th

03 p,m. “Bergdiamanten” in concert

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08.02.15 – Also the 42 km are guaranteed!


This morning (8 February 2015) the organization committee, after a great deal of discussion, decided to offer at the participant of the Gsieser Tal Lauf 2015 also the distance of 42 km, at both the diagonal and freestyle race. Thanks to the help of the whole population of the valley, could be made the apparently impossible possible.

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Team ItalienIt’s Freestyle at the starting line for the legendary Turin Gold Relay Team, whose presence at the Falun World Championships is eagerly anticipated by one and all. Giorgio Di Centa is making full use of the Gsiesertal runs in his final preparations for the World Championships in Falun. Another favourite is fellow team member Pietro Piller Cottrer, contender for the Gold right up until last year. Christian “Zorro” Zorzi and fourth member Fulvio Valbusa complete the team, guaranteeing a first-rate Olympic flair.

Many athletes who will be participating at Falun World Championships are using the Gsiesertal for their final test runs, including Petr Novak from The Czech Republic and Spaniard Rojo Imanol.

29 nations have already registered, from Europe to America, from Africa to Australia. We are counting on mutual respect for all participants!

Just for Fun:

The fun group (no timings) is becoming ever more popular.

Photo service:

The 10-strong team from Marathon-Photos will again this year be accompanying the participants. A total of around 10,000 photos will be produced and, following the event, our homepage will give details of how to order your photos.

Euroloppet Pass:

Find out more about the numerous advantages of the Euroloppet Pass, such as the right to start in the second starting group in all 16 Euroloppet races, reduced race start fees up until race day (no supplement payable), Euroloppet joining gift, etc.  For more information please see http://www.euroloppet.com/home.html

N.B.: the Euroloppet Pass can also be obtained from the information desk at the Gsiesertal Lauf Race.

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