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di centaGiorgio Di Centa, winner of two gold medals of the Turin 2006 Olympic Games and winner of the Gsiesertal Lauf 2015, has always loved taking part in the latter. His love for the valley and its people was a silent and inconspicuous thing. But now our ‘Super Giorgio’ steps into the limelight and is happy to become our testimonial for the upcoming edition. Giorgio has always been the cross-country idol of Italy. Every amateur skier should feel immensely proud of competing with him and measure up against his Performance.


BusinessRun 90km

Why not skip the Friday night drinks with colleagues and do something different? There only need to be three of you (a mixed team is accepted): you each compete for 30 km and make your company proud, to boot! A beautiful day surrounded by nature with your colleagues – what a blast! Click here for more Information.



The Gsiesertal Lauf is now too present on social media. Join us via Facebook and win one of 10 free starting places. Just go to www.facebook.com/Gsiesertallauf.GranFondoValCasies and click on “Like”.


Christmas is coming and with it the stress of finding the right gift! One unusual gift idea: a registration for the Gsiesertal Lauf Race, something that is by no means just for experts. Beginners to cross-country skiing can also enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of the Gsiesertal Lauf Race in the stress-free “Just for Fun” group, with no timing or placings.



 Some 7,500 copies have been sent to recent participants in the last days. They are also available for download.

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