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19.12.15 – Open track in Gsiesertal 22 km!


From today, 22 km of tracks are ready and waiting for the numerous classic and skating-style enthusiasts. The trail, in customary perfectly-groomed condition, runs straight and uninterrupted from the most southerly point (Monguelfo/ Welsberg) to the most northerly (Santa Maddalena/ St Magdalena).

Our compliments for the super planning and construction go to the Gsiesertal/Welsberg/Taisten Tourist Associations, with President Wilhelm Stoll at the head.


We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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10.12.15 – The first 15 km of trails are open!

schneeOn 12 December the first 15 km of trails will be opened for both styles, with artificial snow in the usual excellent condition. The partial course runs from Pichl  to  St. Martin, with in addition a circular course in St. Magdalena.  The easiest way to get information about snow conditions and the number of trails open by checking the webcam on our homepage each day.


BusinessRun 90km

Why not skip the Friday night drinks with colleagues and do something different? There only need to be three of you (a mixed team is accepted): you each compete for 30 km and make your company proud, to boot! A beautiful day surrounded by nature with your colleagues – what a blast!  Click here for more Information.


The Mini-Gsieser is still very much in vogue. This special high point for adolescents from the age of 8 to 16 takes place on Saturday 22 February 2016 at 3.30 pm. In the past 22 years more than 4,500 adolescents have enjoyed the style of this special event in a class of its own. You can register here.

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