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25.01.17 – The full 42km are assured!

ampelDespite the otherwise sparse snowfall on the southern side of the Alps, the Gsiesertal Lauf will be going ahead on the original 42km route. At the moment, 30 km are perfectly groomed and ready.

If there is no natural snow by February 5th, the remaining 12km will be covered with artificial snow so that the entire length will be skiable on February 10th.

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A very special honour awaits the Gsiesertal Lauf this year: on Sunday, 19 February, from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm, the RAI Sport channel will be showing the race live on national Italian TV


After the snow of recent days, the entire 42-kilometre distance will shortly be ready, thus ensuring another successful edition of this traditional event.  The Gsiesertal Lauf has never been cancelled since its first run in 1984 and this won’t be the year in which it is cancelled!


Reduced rates for registration on or before 31.01.2017
The holidays are over and our thoughts can now turn to sports! The Gsiesertal Lauf Race is a special event for every winter sports enthusiast who wants to work off the Christmas pounds. Reduced rates are available for registrations made on or before 31 January 2017.


“Just for Fun” for newcomers to cross-country skiing
Just enjoy the Gsiesertal Lauf  with no timings or placings. For more details see


BusinessRun 90km  – three friends, one goal
Why not skip the Friday night drinks with colleagues and do something different? There only need to be three of you (a mixed team is accepted): you each compete for 30 km and make your company proud, to boot! A beautiful day surrounded by nature with your colleagues – what a blast!    Last call for registrations for the ‘Business Run‘: 31 January 2017.
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