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4 news34 years of the Gsiesertal Lauf without interruption represents a unique record. And as the 35th edition is definitely going ahead in February 2018, artificial snow production will start at the beginning of November so we can open the first cross-country ski trails around 10 December.


30 or 42 km CT on Saturday 17th February, and the same distances on Sunday for the FT race.  While the more ambitious athletes will be putting themselves to the test on the 42km route, the 30km variant is all on the flat and is manageable even for skiers who are out of training or a little older. Competitors can also opt to see how they feel and choose their distance during the race itself.


Newcomers to cross-country skiing can sign up for the “Just for Fun” group and race the distance at a leisurely pace with no timekeeping. The recommended distance is 30 km for classic and freestyle techniques.


The TeamRun90km, raced as part of the Sunday freestyle races, is an enjoyable event for groups of three friends, colleagues or members of an association (m/f). Each member of the group races 30 km of the route, and a terrific group experience is guaranteed. Naturally, each competitor will also be ranked individually in the overall classification.


Saturday afternoon will see the traditional “Mini-Gsieser” taking place, the highlight of the year for youngsters aged from 8 to 16 years.

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