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Registrations (online or via bank transfer) for the 32st edition are proceeding apace. Participants representing 17 countries from around the world have applied to register since 1 July. The programme brochure will be available from 01 September onwards.

Link for group registrations

Travel packages: Check out the special packages for the participants

Euroloppet: Make the most of the numerous advantages of the Euroloppet Pass (the Euroloppet Junior Pass is also available). Find out more www.euroloppet.com

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blog3Travel packages: 

Check out after Juli 1th the special packages for participants from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Euroloppet Travel.

The download will be available from September 1th, 2014.

Gsiesertal Lauf – 32th edition – uninterrupted since 1984 – a total of 54.700 finishers – the biggest Tyrolean popular cross-country event and the second-largest in Italy – The Event is a member of EUROLOPPET.

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Cross-country trails situation:
With on average of over 50 cm natural snow, this year’s many participants are naturally expecting outstanding conditions. Numerous participants are already training hard and forming their own impressions of the excellent conditions.

31 nations
have already registered, from Europe to America, from Africa to Australia. We are counting on mutual respect for all participants!

NEW – classification by age group:
Following numerous requests from participants, this year for the first time will see an additional award for the first three places according to age group (women/men – short/long distance).

Combined scoring:
There are new rules for the combined scoring. From this year on, scores will be based on the combined times for the 30 km Classic and the 42 km Skating events. The combined scores and diplomas will appear on the homepage.

Just for Fun:
The fun group (no timings) is becoming ever more popular.

Photo service:
The 10-strong team from Marathon-Photos will again this year be accompanying the participants. A total of around 10,000 photos will be produced and, following the event, our homepage will give details of how to order your photos.

Camper vans:
Please note that the large car park (centrally located in the start/finish area) offers 300 free parking spaces for camper vans.

Over 430 volunteers are working to make sure that the event goes off smoothly. The organiser would like to thank all those helping in advance.

Euroloppet Pass:
Find out more about the numerous advantages of the Euroloppet Pass, such as the right to start in the second starting group in all 13 Euroloppet races, reduced race start fees up until race day (no supplement payable), Euroloppet joining gift, etc. For more information please see www.euroloppet.com
N.B.: the Euroloppet Pass can also be obtained from the information desk at the Gsiesertal Lauf Race.

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The holidays are now over and it is time to get back to the “sporting life”. South Tyrol’s Gsiesertal Lauf Race is a special winter sports highlight for all winter sports enthusiasts wanting to burn off a few Christmas pounds or set a new personal best along the trails. Registration is possible at a reduced rate until 31.01.2014. (more…)

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  • After 30 December the first 30 km of trails are open for both styles, with a mixture of natural and artificial snow in the usual excellent condition. The partial course runs from Pichl to St. Martin, with in addition a circular course in St. Magdalena. More trails will be opened on (more…)

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Registrations are again in full swing, with participants from 21 countries having now registered and holders of Euroloppet Passes receiving special advantages. Numerous registrations have arrived for the new combined scoring (30 km CT + 42 km FT). (more…)

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Registrations (online or via bank transfer) for the 31st edition are proceeding apace. Participants representing 16 countries from around the world have applied to register since 1 July. The programme brochure will be available from 15 September onwards. (more…)

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